Aura Readings

Contains gemstone chips of Rainbow Moonstone & Elite Shungite. Odourless for those Senstive to Smell

Enhance Your Energy with Colour Energy's

High Frequency Electromagnetic Aura CleanserTM

Aura CleanserTM

is a highly effective patterned recipe formulated to

erase negativity

from in and around us MIY on many distinct energy levels. This essence was specially created to help neutralize and cleanse areas where it is sprayed. URA CLEANSER Ideal for before a treatment to clear the way and after treatments to dispel

any lower frequencies released. Use on crystals and objects to release old programs and stale energy. 

Travel Size Aura Cleanser™ 30ml Spray 

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Aura Readings 

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Creating Balance within ~ will reflect outwardly. Bodies in Balance creates a Life of True Self so you can havePeace ~ Balance ~ Harmony achieving a more 'Go with the Flow' lifestyle.  You are able to handle the ups & downs in & around chaos, turbulence, as well as a joyful feeling experiencing each moment within your day with positivity & gratitude. 

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 Aura Balancing is offered by Linda Powell, RMT ~ Reiki Master ~ Energy Balance thru many different modalities.  In-Office Visit Only

Special for 2023  ~ Come in for a Treatment Balance & Receive 2 Free Aura Reading Reports {value $65}

~ 60 min Treatments = $100                  Before & After Treatment Aura Reading Reports

~ 90 min Treatments = $125              All Treatments include Colour Energy ~ Aura Cleanse & Essential Oils

Text Cell :   403-382-9278  to make an appointment or click on the Calendar for available times

Service Area Location:  76 Sixmile Road S, Lethbridge, AB  Backyard Access { Winter Access is thru Front Door }

RMT ~ Most Insurance Claims submitted for you.  

Many Insurance Companies are putting Reiki through under the massage.  

The goal of this Aura Report is to offer you a quality Personality Report to gain insight of your True Self.  With this knowledge you will be 'in the know' and guided to a choice on how to change your life as it is now.  

If you are already on your way of self-empowerment then you already understand the power this information holds for you to make positive changes, becoming 'I am Better Today, Than I was Yesterday'

 If you are a 'beginner' then these are exciting times for you.  The Opportunity to grow within & become Self~Empowered has never been so accessible.  Technology has changed.  When your ready!  

Step Forward & Begin your Journey.

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is designed to get you back to basics so you can 'Go With the Flow'

of Life & Be in Control of Your Destiny & Life Path. 

Create a life for yourself by getting back to the basics. 


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